The sculptures are grouped into 6 topics


a trunk.. which divides itself in elements and evolves...
it is another life…that’s beginning.

... Try to consider the elements that make sculptures as living beings. They have lost all human appearance but they kept gestures and behavior; they are always motivated and linked by the common desire for a new harmony and they often differentiate into male and female.

The relationship between two

The block splits...

The relationships between two is the primordial relationship. There are many facets here. They are changing: 

- confrontation - dialogue - looks - encounters.

Often, there is a tendency to expand in the union of a new being.



Rise or lenghten

To lengthen, to stretch, to grow – these are already signs of life.
Let’s add an intention. To have an aim, to go beyond. And this life becomes human.
After the splitting, the notion of time also appears.
So, we arrive at things following each other in time, at the passing of generations,


create an inner space 

Sometimes the bonds tighten around an intimate space to keep, like a secret garden


Generate, procreate

Sometimes there is a sort of interior knot that takes shape within the relationship between two, something that is the fruit of one and of the other, something that allows the development of the couple.


Radiate or spread

Radiate is another way of growing and taking up space. The trunk divides into elements which project themselves outward as they spread out.


A  rhythm as link

Moving in waves is a primordial movement. It is the movement of water, of fish, of serpents. We can already find the sign of movement in the early writings, symbolizing the flowing of life. Waves and rhythms give structure to music and sounds – the beats of the heart and so many physical phenomena. They reach out into the goings on of our own human relationships, the highs and lows of our moods.

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